Fake bootstrap


This bootstrap was written in HTML5, Sass and jQuery and was optimised and tested for the following browsers:

  • Edge (12 and up)
  • Firefox (28 and up)
  • Chrome (29 and up)
  • Safari (9 and up)
  • iOS Safari (9 and up)
  • Android browser (4.4 and up)

It has fallbacks for:

  • IE 10
  • IE 11

Last update: 07-03-2019



The grid system uses CSS-grid and has a flexbox fallback for IE11 and a float fallback for IE10.


The form section shows browser-independent styling for input fields, radiobuttons and checkboxes, selectboxes, range inputs and buttons.

The range-input is especially heavily supported by jquery to show minimun -, maximum - and current value and make it possible to enter the value directly in the textbox while still taking into account the min, max and step attributes of the range input itself.


Carousels, modals, toasts and other frequently used moving bits... work in progress.


Apart from listing different text- and list-styles the text-section sports an inline infobox and a sideways scrolling table.


Obviously I didn't invent all this by myself. Massive thanks go out to CSS-tricks, Can I use, Smashing Magazine and Stack overflow.